Friday, January 19, 2018

Might Have a Million Bucks. Might Not.

Back in December I decided to check out a new salon that had opened up nearby. I had not heard any reviews or first hand accounts of the services offered and I was in the neighborhood so I decided to drop by. I no longer color my hair and am letting it grow out but I still get it trimmed periodically. Since they were new, I thought I would maybe throw my business their way and that of my friends and FB fam.

As I walked around the shop looking at their retail items, I stopped by the register to speak to the cashier; who is also one of the owners. I had noticed there was not a menu of services nor any prices anywhere so I asked. The owner told me that having never worked in the, "type of place," that had price/services menus before, they decided not have them up in their salon either. She rolled her eyes a bit as she said this, and with a little shake of her head then told me the price of a haircut. The overall tone was a bit condescending and as though she had already decided that if I had to ask I couldn't afford it. I smiled, said thank you and left.

In actuality, I can  afford to receive salon services there but will choose not to. I got the impression that this person  thought  I was wasting their time. Maybe it was my casual attire, or my age, or maybe it was simply the question about pricing. My husband and I are good stewards of our money and will pay for quality even though there might be a cheaper alternative. As most women know, a good stylist is worth their weight in gold and worth paying more for. In the end, not only was my future business lost but potentially dozens of people that I would have recommended them to. Maybe more than dozens, who knows?

I guess the moral of the story here is to treat everyone who walks in your doors like they have a million bucks to drop into your cash register because you never know; they just might.