Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snapshot 7/3/09

Tonight I spent a wonderful evening cooking in my kitchen for tomorrow's fourth of July celebration at Jack's place. . Background noises provided by my daughter, son, nephew and little brother. A clamorous blend of laughing, screeching, yelling and gunshots as they played some kind of video game tournament. Alyssa was kicking everyone's butt, much to the boy's dismay.

The last time I got to hear this symphony of sarcastic, hysterically funny verbal exchanges was August of 08. Seems like a lifetime ago. Since then Jesse has moved out and gotten his own home, Christian's voice is cracking and changing, Alyssa started driving and Jordan, well he is still Jordan but older and different too. His voice has done the opposite of Christians. it has STOPPED cracking and changing. He now sounds like a manly man. Which cracks me up because he is still so boyish looking.

Time waits for no one and tonight it seemed important to capture this moment. Jesse has been absent for much of the year, having started a very grown up full time job and being tied up with his personal life. I can't remember the last time he came over and just hung out with us like this. I am so grateful he is here. I have missed him. And it's important to my heart that I stop in this moment and simply say so.